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Care Instructions


Swedish Berries uses 925 sterling silver with rhodium plating, a white, precious metal to give it prolonged  luster, which can wear off with time. All materials are nickel free.

Keep your jewellery in the accompanying box and ziploc when not wearing it. At times, wipe your jewellery with a polishing cloth to remove make-up, grease, odors etc. Remove your jewellery when bathing, doing the dishes, gardening etc, as well as when you are sleeping, in order to protect it from unnecessary wear.

No metal, including silver and gold, can withstand the long term corrosive effect from salt or chlorinated water. Avoid exposing your plated jewellery unnecessarily to water, perfume, sweat and chemicals, as this will eventually wear down the surface and also eventually affect the surface of the beads.

If you wish to clean your jewellery, this can be done with a mild detergent, tepid water and a soft cloth or soft toothbrush. Be careful not to damage the linking parts of the bead. Rinse off and let the jewellery dry carefully.