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Swedish Berries


It all started in the forest. After a summer of foraging in 2012, two friends,  were sitting by a lake in the warm summer sun, thinking "why not turn these colourful delicacies into wearable beauties!" There and then Swedish Berries, jewellery inspired by nature, was born.

Soon afterwards Swedish Berries was invited to participate in "Precious Swedish Jewellery Fair" as a "Precious Talent" and has since then established itself on the Swedish market. We are thrilled to launch the revised version of Swedish Berries online. 

Swedish Berries designs sterling silver jewellery with berry beads inspired by the Swedish nature.  We who develop the ideas and designs, Erika and Therese, are childhood friends that have grown up surrounded by Swedish nature. We want to display the natural colourful beauty of berries in our collections. The design is timeless, pure and warm. The inspiration comes from nature and the treasures of the forest: our berries.

Inspired by nature TM

At Swedish Berries we aim to enhance the natural beauty in women. 





Nominated at Precious Talent 2013